Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Uses Of Platinum Metal

Decoration is the oldest known use for platinum.

Platinum is a strong, chemically inert metal that has been mined and used in decoration for over 3,000 years. It is similar in appearance to silver and in conductivity to gold, and has been used in electronics as a conductor for this very reason. Platinum is also used in automobile parts, computer and television screens and small complex electronic devices and digital media such as hard drives.

Automobile Design

All cars contain catalytic converters, which use platinum's ability to convert harmful emissions into carbon dioxide and water to reduce air pollution. Platinum also coats the tips of many spark plugs, in which it is used for its ability to conduct electricity.


Mobile phones, iPods, computer hard drives and some motherboards and computer peripherals contain platinum. In these devices platinum may be used in alloys for the physical storage media, as a component of screens and as an electrical conductor.


Adornment is the oldest known use of platinum, and platinum jewelry is still popular throughout the world, particularly in China, Japan and North America. The metal is highly resistant to both wear and tarnish.

Flat-Panel Screens

Platinum is a common component of the more expensive flat-panel televisions and computer monitors. As in small electronics, it can be used as a component of screens and as an electrical conductor.

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