Monday, 19 January 2015

Find Out Motherboard Specifications

Discover your motherboard manufacturer and model number.

The computer motherboard integrates the functions of components such as RAM, hard drives and processors. The kind of motherboard your computer uses is largely affected by the kind of computer you have (desktop, laptop, etc.) and the functions your computer is designed to fulfill. Knowing the specifications of your motherboard is useful when upgrading and servicing your system. You must learn the manufacturer and model number your motherboard to determine its specifications.


1. Consult the documentation that came with your computer. Look for the specifications, typically located in the appendix of a computer manual. Some manuals will provide the model number of the motherboard.

2. Download a third-party program that displays system specifications. There are a variety of software tools that check your system and output a list of your computer's components (see Resources).

3. Install the third-party application by double-clicking the ".exe" file. Follow the instructions to complete installation. Ensure that the box next to "Add shortcut to desktop" is selected, and then click "Finish."

4. Double-click the third-party program icon on your desktop to display your system information. Find "Motherboard" or equivalent ("system board", "main board") in the specifications. Motherboard specifications might read: "Intel D815EGEW ATX using a 1.1GHz processor and 512MB of memory," for example, where "Intel" is the manufacturer, "D815EGEW" is the model number and "ATX" is the form factor.

5. Visit the website of the manufacturer and search the its technical-support pages for the motherboard. For example, if the motherboard is "Intel D815EGEW ATX" visit Intel's website and enter "D815EGEW" in the search field.

6. Download the manual for the motherboard if available, or review its specifications on the website.

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