Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Turn Off Asus Heat Sink Warnings

When booting a computer containing an ASUS motherboard, you may sometimes receive error messages related to the heat sink or the chipset fan attached to it. If you do not wish to receive these warnings, you can adjust a few settings to prevent your computer from displaying them at startup. These adjustments can be made from your keyboard and it's not necessary to open up the computer case.


The heat sink is a component that attaches to the top of the central processing unit on your motherboard. It is designed to keep your CPU cool by dissipating the heat generated by the processor. This is a crucial function since overheating can permanently damage the CPU, or at the very least, cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly.


The basic input/output system or BIOS that manages the core functions of your ASUS motherboard contains a feature that allows it to monitor the temperature of your CPU and the efficiency of the heat sink. If this feature is enabled, your motherboard will check both of these parameters at boot time, and if a problem with your heat sink is detected, an error message is displayed.

Editing the BIOS

You can turn off the heat sink warning feature by editing your motherboard's BIOS settings. To access the BIOS menu, you must press a specific key when your motherboard's logo displays at startup. A message will appear on this splash screen, telling you which key to press. Typical hot keys for accessing the BIOS include the "F2," "F8" and "Del" keys. Once you reach the BIOS menu, you'll have to look for the setting that allows you to disable the CPU fan warning. ASUS motherboards contain BIOS chips developed by several companies that organize their BIOS menus in different ways, but typically, you 'll find the CPU fan warning within the "Hardware Monitor" or "PC Status" sections.

Additional Considerations

If your computer continues to display CPU fan warnings at startup after you have edited the BIOS settings, you might want to check your CMOS battery, especially if your motherboard is a few years old. This battery powers the motherboard's memory when your computer is turned off. If the CMOS battery fails to power this on-board memory, it may not save your new CPU fan warning settings. You can buy a replacement CMOS battery at most electronics stores.

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