Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Flash A New Bios

In order for your computer's hardware to correctly work with your operating system, your BIOS must be up to date. Your BIOS is also responsible for your operating system's boot process. To flash a new BIOS, you need to download the latest version and run the update. You can flash a BIOS by using any removable media, such as a flash drive or floppy disk, or through an executable file that is run from your desktop.


1. Find your BIOS version number and motherboard manufacturer. Restart your computer and enter your BIOS. Depending on your computer's manufacturer, the BIOS entry key may be "Esc", "F2", or "Del."

The necessary information can be found at the top of the first BIOS settings' screen. Follow the instructions at the bottom or right of the screen to exit the BIOS.

2. Download your BIOS update. Open an Internet browser window. Either visit the motherboard's manufacturer's website or see the site listed in the Resources section. Look for a Help or Downloads section on the manufacturer's site. For the Resources site, click the name of your manufacturer and view available downloads.

3. Choose the download you wish to use, if multiple types are available. For instance, there may be several options including desktop executable, floppy disk, or flash drive.

4. Format your removable media, if applicable. Go to "My Computer," right-click the media, press "Format" and select "Start."

5. Read any instructions that downloaded with your BIOS update download.

For removable media, copy the BIOS update to your removable media and restart your computer. Press "F12" during the initial boot process, before the operating system loading screen, and choose your media type to boot straight from the disk or drive. Allow the update to run.

For desktop executables, double-click the downloaded file and follow the wizard to reboot you computer and run the BIOS update. Some versions may automatically run without a wizard.

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