Friday, 23 January 2015

Flash Abit Bios

Abit, a former computer manufacturer, has produced many motherboards since its establishment in the 1980s. Motherboards are the large chipboards that control and connect all other computer peripherals. Motherboards, like other computer components, require updating at some point. To update a motherboard, you flash the BIOS, which is the settings that help boot your computer up. Flashing the BIOS is a process that upgrades the virtual hardware (such as firmware or drivers) to modern standards.


1. Turn off your computer and unplug all connections to it. Unscrew the side panel, then check the label near the bottom left of the motherboard to find its model number. The model number is the first part of the first text and numerical string and the "V" number following it. Reconnect all computer cables and turn your computer on.

2. Check what BIOS version you are running. As your computer starts up, you will see a long string of numbers below "Press DEL to enter SETUP." At the very end is the BIOS edition. For example, "14" is the most recent edition, as of August 2010.

3. Go to the Abit website (see Resources) and click "Downloads," then "BIOS." Locate the BIOS for your motherboard and download the file.

4. Right-click the downloaded file and click "Extract To..." or "Extract Here." Insert a blank floppy disk into the floppy disk drive. Copy the files from the extracted BIOS update onto the floppy disk.

5. Restart your computer and press "Delete" as your PC starts. Go to "Advanced BIOS Features," then set "First Boot Device" to "Floppy." Exit and save the changes.

6. Type "awdflash AB9_14.BIN /py /sn /cd /cp /cc /cks /R" and press "Enter" when the command line appears. After the BIOS has been flashed, turn off your computer.

7. Unplug the computer and leave it off for two to three minutes; this resets the CMOS battery. Reconnect the power, remove the floppy disk from the drive and turn on your computer.

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