Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Install An Intel D945gnt Motherboard

A feature-packed motherboard

Installing a motherboard most often means that a new computer system is being built, or a computer system is being upgraded. On the rare occasion, it means the previous motherboard failed for one reason or another. Installing am Intel brand D945GNT chipset based motherboard is no different than installing any other motherboard. It is a simple matter of disconnecting everything from the old motherboard, removing it, installing the new motherboard, and connecting everything to it.


1. Unplug the computer. Remove the side access panel using the Phillips screwdriver if necessary.

2. Unplug all wires and cables from the motherboard. If you will be reusing the CPU and RAM, remove them as well. Remove any add-in cards such as the video card as well, using the Phillips screwdriver to release them from their bracket.

3. Remove the motherboard retaining screws with the screwdriver. Remove the motherboard by lifting the right side first so that it comes out easily. Remove the old I/O (Input/Output) panel as well. The I/O panel is the thin aluminum shield that covers all of the gaps between the ports on the back of the motherboard such as USB, printer, Ethernet and sound.

4. Install the new I/O panel. It will pop into place where the old I/O panel was. Place the motherboard into the case at an angle, ports side first, so the ports fit into the holes of the I/O shield. Fasten the motherboard down at its four corners then fasten the remaining screws.

5. Plug all of the cables back into the motherboard in their respective place. Use the motherboard manual if you have trouble locating the proper headers. Install any add in cards you want to use, and secure them with the screws used to secure them in the old case. Install your CPU and RAM last. Replace the side cover and fasten it with the screws. Plug the computer back in.

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