Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Installation Instructions For Core I7

The Core i7 is a computer processor manufactured and sold by Intel. When installed into a compatible motherboard, the Core i7 handles most of the advanced calculations and processes run by your PC. The Core i7 fits into the "LGA1366" socket on your motherboard. Unlike older processor sockets, the LGA1366 does not have holes -- instead, the Core i7 rests on contact pins.


1. Locate the lever next to the LGA1366 on your motherboard. This lever holds the protective cover for the socket in place.

2. Push down on the lever and pull it away from the socket to release the socket's protective cover.

3. Pull up on the socket cover. It will open like a door and has a hinge on one side.

4. Use your screwdriver to pry the plastic socket cap out of place. There are two tabs on top of the cap that can be used to pry the cap off.

5. Place the Core i7 into the empty slot. Be sure you have the processor oriented correctly. If the processor is aligned the right way, it will lie flush in the slot.

6. Close the metal socket cover (the one that swings like a door) and secure the lever back into place.

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