Monday, 26 January 2015

Overclock An Amd 3800 X2

The AMD X2 3800+ has a great load of unexplored potential in its processing power and capabilities. While overclocking might turn into something thrilling and empowering, you must become aware of its dangers and the fact that overclocking a processor too much might make your system unstable. The outcome depends on how you increment the processor's multiplier to reach a level above what AMD designed it to have.


1. Turn on your computer and press the key it tells you to press on its startup splash screen in order to enter setup. This takes you directly to your BIOS configuration screen.

2. Navigate to your "Advanced" tab within the configuration screen and select "Advanced Chipset Settings" or "Advanced Chipset Features." Press "Enter" on your keyboard to access these settings.

3. Select "CPU Multiple Value" or "CPU Multiplier" and press "Enter."

4. Select a value at or below "x10" to stay on the safe side for the AMD 3800+ CPU. The higher the value, the higher your CPU's clock.

5. Press "F10" to exit the configuration screen.

Tags: configuration screen, Advanced Chipset