Friday, 23 January 2015

Fix Your Computer Start Button

The "Start" button is located in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop. Clicking it brings up the "Start" menu on screen, which is your computer's hub of hyperlinks and shortcuts to various programs on your computer. If you're unhappy with the current settings of your "Start" button, you can quickly and easily change any aspect of it you'd like by using Windows' built-in utility.


1. Right click on the "Start" menu. Select "Properties."

2. Use the "Task Bar" tab to change aspects of your computer's task bar. This is the long bar that runs across the bottom of your screen that contains your clock and a few other icons in addition to your "Start" menu. You can change whether or not the clock is displayed, hide inactive icons and more using this menu option.

3. Use the "Start Menu" tab to change aspects of your actual "Start" button and menu. You can change which folders appear in the "Start" menu as well as their size, which color scheme it runs and more based on your needs.

4. Click "Apply" to put your changes into immediate effect. Click "OK" to exit the "Start Menu Properties" window and return to your Windows desktop.

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