Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jump A Computer Power Switch

Locate your power switch inside of your computer's case.

The power switch of your computer is an often-overlooked piece of hardware. As long as it is doing its job, it remains unnoticed. However, very few people have a replacement on hand in case it does stop working. In a pinch, you can short the pins that the power switch is connected to, close the circuit and power on your computer. This is not meant to be a permanent method, so replace your power switch as soon as possible.


1. Power down your computer and remove the cases' side panel. Remove any screws connecting it to your case. Set the panel aside.

2. Locate the small power leads running from your power switch to the header pins on the motherboard. Disconnect the leads.

3. Place the screwdriver's metal body across the two pins formerly connected to the power switch leads. Make sure both pins are touching the metal body of the screwdriver. Continue to touch the pins until the computer powers on.

4. Replace the side panel and re-attach the screws.

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