Friday, 30 January 2015

Overclock Amd 9950 Black Edition

Overclocking is the process of making a CPU computer processor run much quicker than it normally would. Like with any other AMD 64-bit processor, overclocking AMD's 9950 Black Edition processor can increase its performance by 10 to 15 percent as long as your motherboard supports overclocking. With enhanced cooling, the AMD 9950 BE processor can have a performance increase of up to 25 percent. Overclock your CPU inside your system's BIOS.


1. Turn on your computer and enter your system's BIOS by pressing the key that is specifically assigned to allow access to the BIOS when your computer boots (this is clearly noted on the screen). For many computers, it is usually the delete "DEL" key or the escape "ESC" key. When the BIOS screen opens, locate the "Advance Chipset" option.

2. Adjust the AMD "CPU multiplier." Select the setting and adjust the multiplier by one. All changes will be reflected in your system's BIOS. Press the "Save and Exit" key to save your new settings and reboot your PC.

3. Continue to adjust the CPU multiplier by one. After each adjustment, press the "Save and Exit" key to save your new settings and reboot your PC.

4. Continue this process until your PC is no longer stable or fails to boot properly. When this occurs, decrease the "CPU multiplier" by one.

5. Allow your PC to run for about one hour to test its' stability. If your computer starts to freeze or reboots unexpectedly, then your computer is still unstable. If this happens, decrease the "CPU multiplier" by one and try again until your computer can run without crashing.

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