Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Flash A Bios Without A Floppy

Flash your BIOS without a floppy disk.

Flashing a computer's BIOS is the process of updating the computer motherboard's firmware operating system. This firmware dictates how all hardware connected to the motherboard communicates and initializes. With the depreciation of floppy drives, it has become commonplace for motherboard manufacturers to use alternate methods of BIOS updating that do not require floppy disks. This diskless firmware upgrade process is automatic in nature and allows virtually any computer user to update the BIOS.


1. Double-left-click the executable file obtained from the motherboard manufacturer.

2. Accept the end-user license agreement presented to you by the software.

3. Perform any instructions provided through on-screen prompts. These instructions commonly include shutting down any background applications and not performing computer processes while the update occurs.

4. Click the "Next" or "OK" button when prompted to begin the update procedure.

5. Allow the update to complete and restart the computer automatically before performing any other computer processes. A crash during a BIOS update can lead to an unstable or unbootable computer.

Tags: computer processes