Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Install An Sis 305 Video Adapter

The SiS 305 video chipset has been used in video cards by several different manufacturers.

The SiS 305 is a graphic processing unit (GPU) used in video cards manufactured by several companies, including Pine Technology, Jaton and ASUS. If you are building a budget-priced computer, you might choose an SiS 305-based card. Install an SiS 305-based video card in a computer that needs to be able to display rudimentary 3D graphics at a low price.


1. Turn your computer off. Unplug every cable from it, and bring the computer tower to a sturdy work surface.

2. Open the computer case. Depending on the case manufacturer, this may be done by removing screws from the back, or by pulling on a release lever. After the case is opened, lay it on its side so that the expansion cards inside the computer are easily accessible.

3. Remove the current video card, if one is installed. The video card is generally in the slot closest to the central processor of the computer, although there are some exceptions. You can confirm this by looking at the I/O ports on the back of the computer to find the video port. Remove the screw securing the video card to the computer case, then lift it out of the AGP slot. If your computer currently has an integrated video processor, skip this step.

4. Push the SiS 305-based video card into the open AGP slot and secure it to the computer case with the screw reserved from the previous step.

5. Close the computer case and reconnect all of the cables. Turn the computer on. When Windows loads, you will most likely be asked to supply the location of the driver for the new video card.

6. Insert the driver disc supplied with the video card, and walk through the prompts given by the software to install the driver. If the card did not include a driver disc, download the driver online. Generic SiS 305 drivers can be obtained from CNET (see Resources section). However, it is usually preferable to obtain the driver from the manufacturer of the video card, when possible.

7. Restart the computer after the driver for the new video card is installed. The SiS 305 is now ready to use.

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