Monday, 26 January 2015

Replace A Psp 1000 Motherboard

Replacing the motherboard in your PSP 1000 can make it as good as new.

Sony's handheld gaming system allows you to play games on the go. The device has seen several redesigns over the years, but the original model is now known as the PSP 1000. Unfortunately, like all electronic devices, the PSP 1000 can break down. If your PSP 1000 fails to work at all, the problem may be a bad motherboard. This leaves you with two choices: buy a new PSP, or replace the motherboard. By replacing the motherboard yourself, you can have your PSP up and running in no time.


1. Purchase a replacement motherboard for your PSP 1000. Refer to the Resources section for links to online retailers.

2. Lay your PSP 1000 face down on a table. Open the battery cover and remove the battery.

3. Remove the seven screws holding your PSP's faceplate in place. There are four screws in the battery bay, two screws along the right side of the device, and one final screw along the side bezel, underneath the UMD door. Once the screws have been removed, turn your PSP over and lift off the faceplate.

4. Remove the button bar along the bottom of your PSP by carefully sliding a flat head screwdriver under the left side of the bar and prying it upwards until is comes loose from the LCD housing. Lift the button bar up and disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

5. Put on a pair of latex gloves before removing the LCD screen, as fingerprints are very difficult to remove from the screen. Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully pop loose the tabs on the LCD screen bracket. Tilt the screen forward and disconnect the LCD cables from the motherboard. Lay the LCD screen face down on the PSP's faceplate to protect it while you continue.

6. Remove the seven screws holding the LCD brace in place. Slide a flat head screwdriver between the LCD brace and the D-pad and gently pry the brace outwards to disengage the tabs connecting the brace to the D-pad. Open the UMD door on the backside of the PSP to allow the LCD brace to wiggle free. Pull the LCD brace away from the motherboard.

7. Remove the single screw holding the D-pad in place. Tilt the D-pad forward and disconnect the cable from the motherboard. Remove the D-pad.

8. Locate the power switch board, along the right side of the PSP. Disconnect the power cable from the motherboard. Carefully pry up the board so it comes free of the retaining tab. Remove the right trigger button above the board by sliding it up and away from the PSP. Lift the power switch board up and carefully peel the adhesive cable from the PSP case. Set the power switch board aside.

9. Unplug any additional cables connected to the motherboard. This includes the laser cable, speaker cable, and UMD motor cable. Lift the wireless antenna cable up and pull it away from the motherboard. It will stay connected to the wireless adapter, so just keep it out of the way for now. Remove the single screw holding the motherboard in place. The screw is located in the top right corner of the board.

10. Pry the motherboard up from the bottom and pull it toward you. Open your new motherboard and slide it into place. Make sure to carefully slide the USB port near the top of the board into its slot on the outside of the case.

11. Reassemble your PSP 1000 and turn it on to test the new motherboard.

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