Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Identify What Kind Of Ddr Ram A Computer Uses

Upgrading RAM is an efficient way to improve your system's performance.

Knowing what type of RAM (Random Access Memory) your computer uses is vital to understanding its capabilities, as well as knowing upgrade the RAM if you want or need to. Using the wrong kind of RAM (assuming it even fits) could damage your system.

The motherboard determines what type of RAM your computer is able to use. Typically it supports just one type of DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM, although some motherboards can use two.


1. Refer to your motherboard's manual, which will outline what kinds of RAM it supports, along with speed limitations. If your motherboard supports only one type of DDR, that's what it's using currently.

If you no longer have your motherboard manual, you can obtain a copy on your motherboard manufacturer's website.

2. Check the RAM's manual, which will list what type of DDR it is.

3. Contact the respective manufacturer (motherboard, RAM or retailer) directly using email, live chat, or by calling technical support. Not only will they assist you in acquiring specifications, but they'll be able to guide you if you're looking to upgrade your RAM.

4. Look at the RAM modules directly. Most have labels with the specifications printed on them. If not, they'll have a model number along with the manufacturer (see Resources.) Reference the manufacturer's website to obtain specifications about your RAM.

If you have RAM currently installed you'll need to open your computer case and remove it first (see Resources.)

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