Monday, 19 January 2015

What Are Intel Chip Sockets

The processor socket is the large white square in the center of the motherboard near the wires.

A chip socket is a component built into a motherboard that houses the computer's central processing unit. These sockets differ in their configuration depending on the make and model of the processors for which they're designed. Intel is a CPU manufacturer that also designs sockets. Thus, an Intel socket is any socket made by Intel intended for use with its processors. Exactly which type of socket your computer has is the first consideration when upgrading your CPU.


Intel chip sockets serve as the interface that enables Intel processors to communicate with all other computer components attached to the motherboard including the memory, video card and peripheral devices. The sockets consist of an array of metal contacts that precisely match corresponding contacts on the processors with which they're compatible. This allows information to transfer via electrical signals to and from the processor.


The chip socket is usually near the center of the motherboard, sitting beneath a heat sink. The heat sink consists of a fan sitting on top of a series of metal slats. When the heat sink is removed the socket becomes visible. It is flat and square in shape with dimensions equal to its compatible processors. It also has a locking arm situated beside it running the length of one of its edges.


Different sockets have different installation procedures. However, all of them include the same basic steps. The first of these is removal of the heat sink. This entails unlatching it from the motherboard. Most heat sinks snap into the motherboard with pegs attached to their base. Next the sockets locking arm must be moved to its upright position. The processor can then be removed and replaced. It's important never to touch the socket's contacts when performing an upgrade.


Intel makes many different types of chip socket. In some cases the sockets are compatible with only one processor model. It is important to know your exact chip socket type before performing a CPU upgrade. Unfortunately, this is often not displayed on the computer itself. The best way to find your socket type is to consult your owner's manual. If you don't have your manual there is software available that will tell you your socket type.

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