Monday, 26 January 2015

Repair A Laptop Power Jack

Laptops run on a rechargeable battery, but when that battery runs out, your computer will not work. Laptops come with an adapter that plugs in and attaches itself to a little metal electricity conductor inside the computer. These little power jacks can easily come undone, leaving your computer to run out of battery. To have this repaired by a professional, it can cost you upwards of one hundred dollars just to have them look at it. Then, they will add on an additional charge to actually fix the thing. Don't overpay when you can do it yourself.


1. Flip your laptop over and remove all of the screws. Be sure to unscrew the ones holding the screen in place. Some screws are different sizes, so keep them sorted in order of where they were removed.

2. Uncover the hard drive housing located at the bottom front of your laptop. The hard drive will be screwed in, so you have to remove those screws before you can take out the hard drive.

3. Pull out the battery from the laptop. There is usually a tab that has to be held in to allow you to release the battery pack. This is located on the bottom of the laptop next to the battery port.

4. Unlatch the two tabs that are holding the screen in place, you need to pull up on the tabs to make them come loose. Use the tweezers to wedge between them and pull up if you are having trouble.

5. Pull up gently, but with enough force to separate the screen from the laptop body. The screen will still be connected to the body by wires so do not separate it all of the way. Just pull the two silver pegs out of the holes that they are resting in and leave the screen to the side.

6. Gently pull apart the body of the laptop and unscrew the metal strip above the keyboard. If you can not pull it apart, that means there is probably a screw that you missed.

7. Remove the keyboard, but just pull it forward and leave it attached to the motherboard. There will be a rectangular object that looks like a piece of film that holds it in place; do not remove this.

8. Locate the power jack by following the hole in the back of the computer where the adapter goes. The little metal piece may have been rattling around free, so you may have to find it first.

9. Locate where the jack fits into the motherboard by finding the circular piece of plastic near the hole for the DC adapter. There will be a small opening in the motherboard where the power jack piece fits at the base of this plastic piece.

10. Hold the power jack gently with the tweezers and slide it back into place. These pieces are tiny, so try not to get frustrated if you do not get it right away. Chances are it will take you a couple of tries to fit it back in place.

11. Glue the piece that slides into the DC adapter back to the base of the jack that you placed back into the motherboard. Only do this if the two pieces have become loose. If you do, make sure the pieces touch so that they are still able conduct the electricity freely.

12. Reassemble the computer by putting everything back in the position you unscrewed it from. If, after the computer is back together, your computer does not start, you have probably put the hard drive in backwards.

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