Thursday, 8 January 2015

Update Chaintech 7kjd Bios

The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is embedded in a computer's motherboard, and it gives users control of system components without the use of an operating system. BIOS updates and revisions can enable previously unavailable hardware capabilities for system components as well as resolve system conflicts. If your Chaintech 7KJD motherboard's components have issues that can't be resolved in the operating system, updating the motherboard's Award BIOS with the Award BIOS Flash utility may be the answer.

Instructionsdir" at the command prompt to generate a directory of file names of the BIOS utility and BIOS file, and then hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. Write down the BIOS update's file name.

6. Type "A:\>xxxxx yyyyy.bin /cc/cd/cp" at the command prompt, substituting the X's for the BIOS utility's file name and replacing the Y's with the BIOS update's file name. For example, if the utility's file name is "af824g" and the update's name is "," you'd type "af824g 7kjd0905.bin /cc/cd/cp." Hit "Enter" to launch the BIOS utility.

7. Type "Y" to back up the current BIOS. Type "Y" again to begin loading the BIOS update. Allow the computer to work uninterrupted after the update has begun.

8. Hit the "F1" on key on your keyboard to exit the utility and restart the computer. Eject the floppy disk from the disk drive before the computer reboots.

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