Thursday, 8 January 2015

Improve My Xbox

You can easily improve your Xbox.

The Xbox video game platform designed and released by Microsoft in 2001 was a huge success and cleared the way for the release of an upgraded platform, the Xbox 360. You can improve your original Xbox with some added peripherals and basic maintenance.


1. Hook up additional controllers. The Xbox only comes with one controller that inserts into a plug in the front of the console, but there are spaces for three more. Multiplayer games make Xbox a lot of fun. Since Xbox Live is no longer an option for the original system, you must utilize additional controllers.

2. Get the DVD add-on. The Xbox can play DVDs and CDs but requires an additional peripheral. Adding the peripheral makes the Xbox a media center that functions for movies, music and video games.

3. Clean out the memory. If your Xbox is running slower or not playing discs properly, delete any game files you don't need. This can help speed up the system's processor.

4. Verify accurate time and date. The Xbox has an internal clock and if it is not correct, it can cause slowdown and possible glitches. Turn the system on without a game in it and check the time and date settings. Adjust as needed.

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