Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Install Ram In An Msi Gx 700

RAM sticks have a few large, black squares on a strip of green circuit board.

The MSI GX700 is a laptop used by PC gamers because of its processing power. Processing power is very important when playing video games on a computer because games typically use a lot of processing power. Games also use a lot of RAM, and the demand for more RAM is constantly increasing with computers. RAM gives you the ability to run many programs at one time, or run programs that use a lot of system resources.


1. Power off your MSI GX700 and disconnect it from the wall plug if it is plugged in.

2. Flip the laptop over and remove the battery pack by sliding the battery lock to unlock the battery pack, and then lifting the pack out from the laptop.

3. Locate the lid that encloses the laptops hard drive and RAM memory sticks. On an MSI GX700 there is only one lid.

4. Unscrew the two screws that hold the lid in place with a small Phillips-head screwdriver. Put the screws somewhere where they won't get lost.

5. Lift the lid up and away from the bottom of the laptop.

6. Take a look inside the computer. On one side you'll see a section with a few, comparatively large, black squares over the green circuit board. This is the RAM that is already installed on your computer.

7. Remove the RAM stick from the computer by gently pulling away and up. Take note how the RAM comes out because this is how you will have to install the new RAM.

8. Remove the RAM you'll be installing into the MSI GX700 from its packaging and push it gently into the slot left by removing the previous RAM stick.

9. Place the lid back in its place and replace and tighten the screws.

10. Replace the battery pack onto the laptop by sliding it into place and power on the laptop.

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