Monday, 12 January 2015

Remove Drivers In Windows Vista

Drivers are programs written for specific pieces of hardware that allow the hardware and your computer to interact correctly. If a computer device or add-on is no longer installed, no longer necessary, or if you're having compatibility trouble with the version you have, you may want to remove the corresponding driver. Just remember that removing a driver means the piece of hardware won't work anymore.



1. Open the Start Menu and go to "Control Panel." If "Classic View" is selected in the left sidebar, click on "Control Panel Home." Then click "Hardware and Sound" and "Device Manager."

2. Click on the plus (+) sign next to the type of hardware from which you would like to remove a driver. A list of the hardware items you have in that particular category will appear.

3. Right-click on the specific piece of hardware you would like to remove the driver from, then select "Properties."

4. Select the "Driver" tabs, then click "Uninstall." In the window that pops up, press OK.

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