Friday, 9 January 2015

Presario 6000 Specifications

Desktop computers vary in performance based on included hardware.

The HP Presario 6000 is a mid-range desktop computer complete with Windows XP Home edition. It has a fair ranged configuration to meet the needs of an average computer user. It is the optimal PC for word processing, web surfing, productivity and the occasional DVD movie or music playback. It also comes with Microsoft Money 2002, Encarta Online and Microsoft Works 6.0 Suite.


The AMD Athlon XP 2200+ processes all instructions entered into the Presario 6000. It operates at a 1.8 GHz frequency, which produces an average performance in the area of computing power. It is suitable enough to perform basic tasks that are not intensive, such as video gaming or video processing and editing.


The memory shipped with the Presario 6000 is 256MB of DDR266 SDRAM. This is adequate for performing simple tasks, one at a time. Multi-tasking is not the focus of this desktop. The memory performance is also hindered because the 64MB of video memory is shared with the system memory in an effort to save costs during production.


The 80GB hard drive offers plenty of space to store music, videos, documents, games and pictures in addition to the operating system. You can also use the 16x DVD-ROM and CDR+W drives to watch DVD movies and use CDs to backup valuable information, such as work and school documents or pictures which can never be replaced if lost.


Connecting to the Internet is easy with the V.92 modem and network adapter both being integrated into the motherboard to allow easy connectivity, regardless of the connection type offered. Multiple devices can be plugged in through one of the six provided USB ports.

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