Friday, 9 January 2015

Make A Bios Update

The BIOS chip is on your motherboard

Your computer's BIOS, or Basic Input/Output System, collects information about your computer and communicates it to the operating system as it boots. As your motherboard ages, bugs and other deficiencies are discovered in the BIOS, and new computer parts come on the market that may not have been taken into account in the BIOS code originally installed. So updating, or "flashing," the BIOS can improve your machine's performance and help it work better with newer peripherals.


Flashing the BIOS

1. Verify that your BIOS needs flashing. Run a program that reports information about your system by clicking "Start" and typing "msinfo32" at the Run prompt on Windows XP or the Search field in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Make sure "System Summary" is selected in the left panel, and note the BIOS version date in the right-hand panel. Write this information down because you'll need it.

2. Determine manufacturer and model of your motherboard. If you purchased your computer as a single unit, this should be pretty straightforward; if you cobbled it together with parts purchased from different retailers and friends, this may present more of a challenge.

3. Visit the motherboard manufacturer's website. Look for a link called "Support" or "Downloads." Find the BIOS download for the exact model of your motherboard. Compare the version number and date with those you recorded previously.

4. Read carefully and take care to follow any special instructions on the website, and those that come with the download. Typically you'll want to quit out of all programs and run an executable installer that comes with the download. It is critical that this step not be interrupted at because the BIOS software is integral to the computer's booting process.

5. Restart your machine and see if everything works. You may want to have peripherals you regularly use, such as cameras and printers, plugged in as you would during a fresh operating system installation.

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