Friday, 16 January 2015

Remove A Dell Precision 370'S Motherboard

Removing your Dell Precision's motherboard requires dismantling the computer.

Your computer's motherboard is its most important internal hardware component. The motherboard is a large, printed circuit board where all hardware and devices connect with your computer. The Dell Precision 370 desktop comes built with an Intel 925x-based motherboard. If the motherboard stops working or malfunctions in any way, you must remove it. The main downside is that doing so can void your computer's warranty.


1. Shut off your computer tower. Unplug the main power cable from the back of the computer as well as any external storage or peripheral devices.

2. Rotate the computer tower so the back panel faces toward you. Lay the tower horizontally on its left side, then slide the side panel release button to the left. Grasp each end of the side panel and remove it from the computer to reveal the internal components.

3. Locate the four memory modules near the center of the now exposed motherboard. Spread apart the spring-loaded retention clips on either side of each memory module. This disconnects each module from its memory socket. Pull each module out of its respective socket. Store the removed sockets in a static-resistant plastic bag.

4. Disconnect all cables from each storage/optical drive attached to the drive bay mounted on the front panel. Unplug the respective cables from the motherboard. Note where and how each cable is connected to the motherboard.

5. Remove all PCI cards mounted to the computer's back panel. Lift straight up on the retention arm securing each card in place. Remove the single Phillips-head screw that mounts each PCI card to the computer's rear panel. Disconnect each card from its respective motherboard socket by lifting straight up.

6. Locate the cooling fan and power supply mounted to the computer's back panel. Unplug the power supply and fan cables from their respective motherboard connectors. Lift straight up on the fan shroud to reveal the motherboard's processor heat sink. This is a large metal device that sits directly on top of the processor.

7. Use a flat-head screwdriver to disengage the retention latches on either side of the heat sink. Carefully lift the entire heat sink device off of the processor chip, then set it aside. The processor is held in place by a metal door. Release the retention lever holding the door in place, then tilt the door upward to reveal the processor chip. Carefully lift the processor out of its socket on the motherboard.

8. Disconnect all remaining cables from the motherboard. Loosen and remove all Phillips-head screws fastening the motherboard to the computer tower's casing. Lift the motherboard out of the desktop case. Relocate the motherboard to a flat surface.

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