Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Install Or Change My Computer'S Power Supply

One of the most overlooked upgrades when revamping your computer is to upgrade your power supply. As you add components to your computer, the power requirements grow. And if you make greater demands on the power supply, there reaches a point where it fails. After you find a replacement, this is exchange it for your old one.


1. Make sure that the power supply you have is for the same type of motherboard in the computer. There are two types available, AT and ATX. The most common version is ATX. This can shudown the computer by a signal from the hardware. The AT version requires you to manually turn off the power switch. Ensure that you have increased the wattage power supply. Most power supplies are either 200W or 250W. For an upgrade supply, you should replace with at least a 300W power supply.

2. Open the computer case and lay it out on a table. Dismount the supply from the case but leave all the wires hooked up until you are ready to replace them with new ones.

3. Locate the power supply on the back of the computer and near the top. Four screws usually hold the power supply to the back panel of the computer. Unscrew the four retaining screws and slide the old power supply away from the back plate. Leave the wiring connected to the computer.

4. Check the screw holes on the new supply to make sure they match. Position the power supply and screw it down to the case. Now follow each set of wires from the old power supply to its connection point and replace the old plug with one from the new supply. The final connector to replace is the main motherboard connector. It is the largest connector on the power supply.

5. Make sure that the connector on the new power supply will fit in the connector on the motherboard. There are two types of connector. One is a long single row of wires, and the other is a double row of wires. The power supply normally comes with an adapter to change between the two. Make the power supply connector match the motherboard, and then replace it. Close the case back up and turn the computer on. Make sure that all your devices work.

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