Monday, 2 November 2015

Find Out Which Intel Model Motherboard I Have

Intel manufactures a series of motherboards for both desktop and laptop computers. You need to know your Intel motherboard model if you plan to upgrade random access memory (RAM) or the processor on your computer to ensure compatibility between the hardware components and the motherboard. Use the system information readily accessible in Windows or available freeware programs to find out the Intel motherboard model.


Using Windows System Information

1. Click "Start" in Windows.

2. Type "System Information" in the search field on the bottom of the Start menu. Then press "Enter."

3. Select "System Summary" category in the system information window.

4. Read the Intel motherboard type that is given in the line "System Model."

Using Freeware

5. Download a freeware program that retrieves the system information, such as CPUID or HWiNFO 32.

6. Execute the downloaded setup file to install the program on your computer. Typically, you follow a few installation prompts and click the "Next" button.

7. Start the installed program.

8. Click on the tab "Motherboard" in the program window and read the model of your Intel motherboard.

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