Monday, 30 November 2015

Replace The Motherboard In A Ps2

The Playstation 2 (PS2) is a video gaming system from Sony. Once the leader in the industry, the PS2 still sells tremendously well even though newer gaming systems such as the PS3 and Xbox 360 are both on the market. The PS2 is controlled by an internal computer motherboard which can become damaged or stop functioning. If this happens, the process to replace the old PS2 motherboard is quite simple.


1. Unplug all power cords from the wall outlet as well as the Playstation 2 itself. Flip the system over and remove all the rubber stoppers that conceal the external screws. Remove all the screws from the bottom of the system.

2. Flip the device back into its original position and separate the two plastic halves of the PS2's body. Once the inside is visible, locate the black plastic border that covers some internal components.

3. Unscrew all the screws that hold down the plastic border. Once they are all removed, hold the black border down so it does not move out of place and you flip the PS2 over.

4. Lift up on the bottom plastic housing of the PS2 to expose the motherboard. The motherboard will be the flat green area covered with different kinds of circuits. Locate and unplug the white connection that lead from the motherboard to the other devices. This will look like a common telephone jack. Remove the motherboard from the device by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place.

5. Insert the new motherboard in the old one's place and reinsert the connector the you removed in Step 4, as well as screwing it back into place. With the new motherboard in place, simply replace all the screws you removed in the previous steps and reassemble the PS2. Your PS2 will now work properly with the new motherboard.

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