Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Install A Sound Recorder On My Computer

Install a Sound Recorder on My Computer

A sound recorder is a program that allows you to record sound input. Sound recorder software now on the market also offers editing features. Windows operating systems come with a sound recorder pre-installed. However, the versions of Windows before Vista allow you to save only minute-long recordings. The sound recorder in Windows Vista allows longer recording sessions, but does not allow sound playback in the sound recorder interface, and contains very few features. If you want better sound recording features, it is best to install other sound recording software.


1. Open a web browser and search for sound recorder software that you would like to install. While there are free sound recorder programs available, some may require you to pay for a fee before you can download them. Paid-for sound recording software may offer better sound recording features. Two examples of sound recording software are Audacity and SoundEdit Pro.

2. Download the sound recording software and save it to a local drive. When the downloading is completed, run the installer and complete the installation process. Reboot the computer.

3. Launch the sound recorder and start recording. Make sure that you have a functioning microphone attached to your computer for a successful sound recording session.

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