Thursday, 5 November 2015

Replace A Realtek Sound Card In Windows Xp

Installing sound cards is one of the easier tasks in computer maintenance.

RealTek is a computer design company based in Taiwan that is known among PC crowds as being the supplier of onboard audio technology for many desktop and laptop PCs. Because RealTek audio devices are hardwired into the motherboards of the computers, replacing them in favor of a proper sound card is an especially easy task.


Installing Sound Card Hardware

1. Power down your PC and disconnect the power cable from the rear of the tower.

2. Open your computer desktop. For most desktop towers, this is done by sliding the side panel to the rear until it pops loose, then lifting and placing it to the side. For some older models, a screwdriver may be required.

3. Insert the new sound card into an open expansion slot on the motherboard.

4. Unplug any audio cables from the RealTek audio card and insert them into the corresponding inputs on the sound card.

5. Close the computer tower by sliding the side panel back into place, then reconnect the power cable and turn on the PC.

Set Up the Sound Card

6. Insert the driver disk into the computer's CD slot and wait a moment for the installer to appear onscreen. Once it appears, click the "Install drivers" option and, if necessary, select "Windows XP" as your operating system. From here, the drivers will install.

7. Go to your Control Panel by clicking the "Start" menu and clicking "Control Panel."

8. Double-click "Sound and Audio Devices" to open the "Sound and Audio Devices Properties" window, then click the "Audio" tab. From here, click each drop-down menu and change "RealTek Onboard Audio" to the new option that has appeared for your sound card.

9. Click "Apply" to set the changes and "OK" to exit the screen.

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