Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Replace The Main Board On A Vizio 32" Lcd

Vizio computer monitors are known for their sleek LCD displays, but they are prone to damage just like any other electronic device. If there is a problem with the main board, more than likely the monitor won't work at all. You can actually open up a 32" Vizio monitor and remove and replace the main board without the help of a service technician.


1. Turn your monitor off and unplug it from the computer. Place the monitor face down over a towel or cloth in order to protect the screen.

2. Remove the screws from the rear panel of the monitor, as well as the screws where the base stand attaches to the monitor.

3. Remove the base stand, and then remove the back panel from the monitor. The green main board will now be visible on top of the metal panel that covers the LCD screen.

4. Unplug all ribbon cables that connect to ports on the top of the main board. Remember where each ribbon connects.

5. Remove all screws securing the main board to the screen panel, then remove the main board and set it aside.

6. Fit a new main board (available online or from a Vizio service center) over the screen panel, and replace the screws and ribbons. Replace the back panel and base stand.

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