Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Instructions For The Kodak M863

The Kodak EasyShare digital camera is perfect for snapping your favorite holiday moments.

The Kodak M863 is a Kodak EasyShare camera and it is a compact digital camera. Before you can use your camera you will have to learn some of the basics. Every camera is different, this means that it may take you a while to get used to your new Kodak M863 camera. However once you have familiarized yourself with the layout of the controls taking photographs and recording videos of your own will become second nature.


1. Familiarize yourself with the layout of your new camera. Take the time to get use to the layout of the various controls, most importantly the shutter release button, the mode dial and the arrow pad.

2. Insert the battery into the battery compartment on the side of the camera. Open the compartment as instructed, and insert the battery in the direction indicated by the arrows. Close the compartment once the battery is inserted.

3. Insert the memory card. With the camera turned off, open the compartment in which you placed the battery and insert your memory card into the slot above. The use of a memory card is optional but it will allow you to store more photos than your cameras memory.

4. Turn the camera on. To turn your Kodak M863 on, simply press the "On/Off" button on the top of the camera. The LCD screen on the back of the camera should then light up. If it fails to do so you should ensure that the battery is fully charged.

5. Adjust the settings. Press the up, down, left and right arrows and the "OK" button to access settings. Here you can easily adjust the flash, white balance, ISO speed, exposure, sharpness and other settings. Make your changes to match the conditions and press "OK" to set them.

6. Turn the mode dial on the top of your camera to the green "AUTO" position to take a photograph. When you are ready to take your photograph press the shutter button halfway to allow the camera to focus. Wait for the framing marks to turn green before fully pressing the shutter button to take your picture.

7. Turn the mode dial on the top of the camera to the video camera symbol to take a video. Once you are ready to record your video press the shutter button completely down and release. To end your recording fully press and release the shutter button for a second time.

8. Press the review button indicated by a "Play" symbol to the right of the LCD screen to review you photos and videos. Navigate through your pictures and videos using the left and right arrows around the "OK" button.

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