Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Make Karaoke Using A Multichannel Sound Manager

Turn your computer into your personal karaoke machine.

Multi-channel sound managers adjust the volume and equalizer settings of sound channels. A sound channel, such as guitar, bass or vocals, exists on most MP3 and wav files. These channels exist on almost all music on CD, but might not exist on music downloaded from the Internet. Turning songs into karaoke using a multi-channel sound manager does not supply the scrolling lyrics associated with singing karaoke. Download song lyrics from the Internet if you do not have them memorized.


1. Download and install multi-channel sound manager software, if it is not already on your computer. (See Resources)

2. Launch the software by double-clicking its icon.

3. Import the song you wish to turn into karaoke. Click the "File" menu and scroll to "Import." Click the "Music" tab on the left of the window. Click the file you wish to upload and click "OK."

4. Click the "Sound Effects" tab. Set the equalizer to the appropriate mode by clicking the button of the music style. Buttons include "Rock," "Pop" and "Club."

5. Press the "Karaoke Mode" button. Click the button that reads "Voice Cancellation."

6. Adjust the key, if desired. Click the up or down arrows next to "Key Adjustment."

7. Attach a microphone to the USB port of your computer. Play the song from the beginning by pressing the "Play" button and sing along with the song.

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