Friday, 20 November 2015

Use The Phenom 9950 In An Asus M2n Sli Deluxe Motherboard

Using the Phenom X4 9950 does not require any special tools or experience.

Upgrading your computer to use a quad-core processor like the Phenom X4 9550 can provide a substantial performance boost over an older CPU with less power and fewer cores. Although an upgrade may seem daunting, using a Phenom 9550 with your Asus M2N SLI Deluxe is straightforward, requiring only a simple hardware installation and the use of your motherboard's default setup procedures.


Prepare the Computer and Motherboard

1. Ensure that the computer is turned off and disconnected from its power source. Disconnect the power cables that run from the power supply unit to the mainboard.

2. Discharge any static buildup, either by touching the metal case of the computer or by using an anti-static wristband, which you can find at an electronics or computer store.

3. Remove the existing CPU, if any, or the plastic cover over the CPU socket.

Install the Processor

4. Press the small metal lever on the CPU socket sideways, then lift it a full 90 degrees.

5. Remove the 9950 processor from its case, and make sure to hold the processor by its sides without touching any of the pins.

6. Align the small gold triangle on the top edge of the chip with the triangle visible on the CPU socket.

7. Set the CPU carefully in the socket. It should immediately settle into place: the Phenom 9950 is a "zero insertion force" chip. If the chip does not settle easily into the socket, check to make sure that it is aligned properly and the retaining lever is completely upright.

8. Press the metal lever down to lock the chip in place.

Install the Heatsink and Fan

9. Remove the heatsink and fan ("HSF") from its case, again making sure to touch it only along the sides. Note that the retention clip on the HSF has two ends, one of which includes a locking lever.

10. Place the HSF on top of the CPU. It should fit easily into the black plastic retention module surrounding the CPU socket.

11. Align the HSF's retention clip with the edges of the retention module, and secure the end of the clip that does not have a locking lever to the module.

12. Press down the other end of the retention clip down --- because the HSF must press tightly against the CPU, this may require some force. If it feels like you are using too much, check to make sure the non-locking end of the retaining clip is secure.

13. Turn the retention clip lock and secure it into place.

14. Plug the CPU fan connector into the socket located next to the RAM slots.

Set Up the Processor

15. Reconnect the motherboard to the power supply and, if necessary, connect your video card, RAM, and hard drives.

16. Plug the computer in and turn it on. You should hear the CPU fan begin to spin, and the computer will boot to a prompt notifying you of the new hardware. Press the "DEL" key to enter system setup.

17.Press the "F5" key to load the default configuration for your processor. The M2N will automatically detect the appropriate settings for your new CPU.

18. Press the "F10" key to save the default settings and reboot the computer.

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