Thursday, 5 November 2015

Replace Dell Motherboard Capacitors

Replace a faulty capacitor to get your motherboard working again.

The function of the capacitors on your Dell motherboard is to keep electricity flowing with the correct current throughout the computer. If one of the capacitors on the motherboard has burned out, you can replace it. Doing so will give the motherboard new life and restore your computer to working order. You can suspect that you have a burned capacitor if your computer suddenly begins to freeze or lock up frequently and there is nothing wrong with your operating system or the other hardware components.


1. Turn off your Dell computer and unplug the power cord from the wall. Unfasten the screws securing the tower door or side panel to the case and remove the door. Unplug the power cables, hard drives and hardware components from the motherboard. The motherboard should have nothing on it when you are finished.

2. Unfasten the screws holding the motherboard in place. The screws will be located in various places on the motherboard depending on your Dell computer model.

3. Locate the capacitor that you need to replace. The capacitors can be found on the top side of the motherboard. Purchase an identical capacitor from a computer retail store in your area or online.

4. Plug in your soldering iron and allow it to hear for five minutes. Touch the tip of the soldering iron gently to the underside of the motherboard where the solder is holding the failed capacitor in place. Pull the capacitor free of the motherboard.

5. Install the new capacitor in place of the one you just removed. Use a lead-free solder to secure the capacitor exactly as the original one was.

6. Reinstall the motherboard into the computer and then reconnect all components and cables as before. Power up the computer.

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