Friday, 27 November 2015

Get Audio Out Of A Usb Port On A Laptop

Get Audio Out of a USB Port on a Laptop

In addition to built-in speakers, your laptop has an audio output port for headphones or speakers. However, you can also connect an audio device to one of the USB ports on your laptop. You can connect just about any piece of hardware to a USB port, including some speaker systems. Before purchasing a speaker system for your laptop computer, check to see if it supports USB.


1. Plug the USB cable from the set of speakers into one of the USB ports on the computer system.

2. Insert the driver installation CD for the audio speakers. Most audio speaker systems that connect to a computer via the line-in port do not require drivers; however, for speakers that connect through a USB port, you need to install the drivers so the laptop knows function with the speakers.

3. Wait for the driver installation wizard to load. Accept the license agreement and follow the prompts. Leave the default settings, as changing the default settings can lead to driver detection errors later down the road.

4. Select "Install" and the driver installs onto the laptop.

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