Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Relationship Between Graphic Card & Ram

Graphics cards come with onboard RAM.

A graphics card is an important hardware component in any computer. Depending on what the system is used for, the graphics card may require little RAM or a great deal.

Graphics Card

The graphics or video card is a computer component that processes screen images. A computer can manage this function without a video card, but the CPU or central processing unit would spend an inordinate amount of its time processing images.

RAM and Graphics Cards

RAM---short for random access memory---enables a computer to temporarily store files while it is running. Graphics cards come equipped with RAM, also known as the frame buffer. This RAM is present in the form of memory chips on the card. The card sends images to the frame buffer, which holds the pictures while the processor continually updates them.


Graphics card performance is affected by both the bandwidth and the amount of RAM memory. It is possible to have plenty of RAM but lack the bandwidth to achieve the desired screen resolution.

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