Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Weird

Regularly cleaning your keyboard can help prevent typing problems.

Without a properly functioning keyboard, it is difficult to type documents, emails or to navigate installed applications. There are several possible reasons why you keyboard is not working properly. Fortunately, most of these problems are solved without requiring you to have much technical expertise. Trying multiple solutions before calling a computer technician can help save you money and effort.

Loose Cable

A simply cause of keyboard problems is a loose cable that connects the keyboard to your computer. If the cable is loose, the keyboard may not respond at all, or it may not properly respond to your keystrokes. If you use a desktop computer, you merely need to tighten the cable. However, if you suspect that you laptop keyboard's internal connection is loose, you may need to have a technician repair it, as the internal wiring is not easily accessible. Plus, opening your laptop could void your warranty.

Incorrect Keyboard Settings

Windows contains a Control Panel feature titled "Keyboard Properties." This feature enables you to control the character repeat settings for your keyboard. Therefore, when you press and hold a key, it will repeat at the speed that you set it at. If your keyboard problem has to do with short or long repeats, changing the settings using this feature will solve your problem.

Unclean Keyboard

Keyboards regularly accumulate dust and other debris, which can impact how well your keyboard functions. Therefore, regularly cleaning the keyboard using appropriate materials will help keep your keyboard in working order. Appropriate cleaning materials include a can of compressed air to blow air between keys or a soft-bristled brush to clean between keys.

Insert Key

Your keyboard problem may be attributable to the "Insert Key" being enabled. The "Insert" key on your keyboard controls the text overwrite function in certain applications, such as Microsoft Word. When enabled, the text that you enter will automatically overwrite (erase) any existing text. When disabled, the existing text When you press the "Insert Key," certain applications, such as Microsoft Word, will overwrite existing text instead of adding new text to the existing text. You can enable or disable this function by pressing the "Insert" key.

Filter Keys

If you accidentally hold down the "Shift" key for eight seconds, you may have unintentionally activated "Filter Keys," a Windows feature. When active, Windows ignores keystrokes that occur in rapid succession, or keystrokes that are held down in succession. Although the feature is meant to make using Windows easier, if unintentionally activated, it can make using your computer more difficult. The feature can be disabled within your Control Panel.

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