Thursday, 12 November 2015

What Is My Motherboard & Processor

A processor is just one piece of hardware that connects to the motherboard.

A computer's motherboard and processor are its two most basic pieces. A motherboard is so named because every piece of hardware connects to it, including the processor.


A computer's motherboard is similar conceptually to a car's chassis in that all of the computer's other parts connect to it. The motherboard is covered with slots for different types of cards as well as RAM. Many wires that provide power to the various devices plug into the motherboard.


If the motherboard can be compared to the computer's chassis, the processor can be compared to its engine. The processor plugs in to the motherboard and literally gives it the power to process data. The speed of the computer depends upon the speed and power of the processor.


Although the processor and the motherboard do not necessarily have to be the same brand, they do have to be compatible. A given make of motherboard can only be paired with certain brands and speeds of processors.

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