Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Install The Hd 5870 Drivers On An Asus G73jh

The Asus G73JH is a laptop computer that runs Windows 7 as its main operating system. If you have a graphics card that runs HD resolution on the laptop's display, you will need to install the HD 5870 drivers on the system to gain the higher resolution. Instaling the HD 5870 drivers on your computer is not very difficult. You can download the drivers from the Internet for free via the ATI Radeon website.


1. Open your Internet browser and go to the "ATI Radieon" website (see References).

2. Click on the "ATI Radeon 5870" drivers icon under "Support."

3. Click on the "Graphics Cards -- Notebook" option from the "Product Type" menu.

4. Click on the graphics card you are using from the "Product" menu.

5. Click the "View Results" button, then download the 5870 driver from the page.

6. Click on the "Installer" that appears on your desktop after it has downloaded. This should take about a minute to complete.

7. Click the "I Agree" option in the software license, then click "Install" from the menu.

8. Click the "Finish" button when prompted to finish the installation.

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