Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Remove A Dell Precision 650'S Power Supply

Unlike with many desktop computers, the Dell Precision 650's power supply is located at the bottom, not the top. Dell has simplified the process of removing or replacing components by allowing you to remove the power supply with the push of a button. However, in order to remove the power supply unit, you must also remove the fan guide and the PCI cards, which are add-on cards for computer systems. The fan guide is a component that redirects air over the PCI cards. This helps to keep the cards and the overall system cool when the computer is running.


1. Unplug the computer, then open the case by pushing up on the side latch located halfway up the left side along the back of the computer. Raise the cover up to open the computer.

2. Disconnect the two white rectangular 20-pin connectors connecting the power supply to the system board. The connectors are located toward the front of the computer along the right edge of the system board.

3. Disconnect the white rectangular 4-pin power cables from the back of the hard drive and disc drive.

4. Disconnect and remove the fan guide, which is the slotted rectangular component located on the bottom right of the computer. Disconnect the single wire coming from the fan guide to the system board. Pull the fan guide release button located in the top right corner of the fan guide, then slide the fan guide to the right. Lift the fan guide out of the computer.

5. Raise the retention arm holding the PCI cards, which is located on the bottom left of the computer. Push the tab on the retention arm, then lift up the arm.

6. Remove any installed PCI cards by pulling them up from the slots. The PCI cards are the horizontally aligned circuit boards on the bottom left of the computer.

7. Push down and hold the power supply release button located on the inside bottom of the computer case, toward the back. While holding the button, slide the whole power supply toward the back of the computer. Pull the power supply away from the computer and pull the power cables through the hole in the bottom of the computer to remove them.

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