Monday, 2 November 2015

Mix Ata & Sata Drives On An Asus Motherboard

SATA Connector Cables are used to connect SATA Drives to the Motherboard.

Although most modern motherboards are moving to primarily Serial ATA, or SATA connections, most motherboards still allow the user to attach an old style ATA connector to the board. This can be useful if using an older component that does not have a connection for SATA cables. Fortunately, mixing the two styles of connector is not difficult and simply requires ensuring that you have properly set the master/slave settings.


1. Connect the SATA and ATA devices to the appropriate locations on the motherboard.

2. Boot the computer and press F10 when the screen reads, "press F10 to enter setup." Be aware that most ASUS motherboards use the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup screen, but some may use other keys.

3. Navigate to the "main" section of the BIOS screen and ensure that the primary hard drive that contains the PC's system is selected as the primary drive. Set any secondary drives as "slave" drives.