Friday, 6 November 2015

What Is An Integrated Video Adapter For A Laptop

Since laptops squeeze so many physical devices into them, you might wonder how they are all put together. Laptops commonly integrate their devices into the unit to save precious space, and video adapters are one such example.

Some Physical Context

The overwhelming majority of laptop components are housed underneath the keyboard. The primary component in terms of size is the motherboard, which is like the engine of a computer.

What It Looks Like

On a laptop motherboard, a video adapter is commonly built into it. It will appear as a "chip" on the motherboard---a dark, raised square that's usually printed with a brand name and a model number.

What Integration Means

Since this video adapter is "integrated," it cannot be replaced without replacing the motherboard. If your laptop is under warranty, you may be able to obtain a replacement by mailing your laptop to the manufacturer and receiving a replacement motherboard, or replacement laptop.

How Integrated Memory Works

Integrated video adapters commonly use your system memory instead of their own dedicated memory. This technique lowers the cost of the device by requiring less circuitry on the motherboard.

Contrasting Performance and Power

Integrated video is typically not as powerful as a discrete video adapter. In a laptop, this design decision is made in the interest of conserving battery power and reducing heat output.

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