Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Replace A Fuse In A Dvd Player

If your DVD player isn't working properly, it may be one of the fuses. Knowing replace a fuse in your DVD player can save you big bucks in repair costs or purchasing a new DVD player. Follow these steps to find out how.


1. Assess the situation. What kind of DVD player do you own? Do you still have the original manual? Find it--it will be very helpful.

2. Open the faceplate of the DVD player. In most DVD players, the outer casing can be easily removed by locating the part of the mechanism that locks into place at the connection point between the two pieces of plastic and sliding one of the pieces in the opposite direction.

3. Locate the fuse. The fuses are normally toward the back of the player, near the motherboard. Depending on the type of DVD player, the fuse size and shape may vary slightly. Your owner's manual should tell you what size fuse you should use.

4. Visit the website of the company that makes your DVD player. You should be able to order a replacement fuse here. You can also call the company and inquire about a replacement fuse. In many cases, standard size fuses are used. Be sure that before you go through the trouble of ordering one online that you find out if a simple stop at the hardware store will solve the problem.

5. Check the new fuse against the old one to make sure it's the same size. If the new one is three times larger, you probably don't want to install it.

6. Insert the new fuse in the exact same position as the first fuse was. Replace the outer casing of the DVD player. Make sure everything works properly and begin watching movies.

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