Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sign Sis Software

Sign Sis Software

A Sis file is a Symbian OS installer file utilized for installing applications onto mobile phones. It usually ends with the extension ".sis" or ".sisx." Sis files can be installed on any mobile phone that uses the Symbian operating system. If the Sis file is unsigned, any install launch will fail as it has not been authenticated and you will have to manually sign it before installing the file. Signing Sis software requires a few steps to set up.


1. Create and register an account with

2. Download and install GenialSis. Pull and save the ".rar" content to your desktop.

3. Open the GenialSis application and enter your IMEI number. Locate this number by pressing "#06#" in "Stand-by" mode.

4. Press the "Generate" button within the GenialSis application.

5. Enter your user name and password when prompted.

6. Locate the "Genialcert.csr" file you extracted. Select the file and enter the security code.

7. Choose the ".Sis" file you wish to sign and click "Sign." You have now signed Sis software.

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