Friday, 13 November 2015

Install An Asus Silent Knight On An Asus M2ne Sli Motherboard

Attach your Asus Silent Night to your motherboard.

The Asus Silent Night is an aftermarket CPU cooler for gamers, overclockers and hardware enthusiasts. Installing a CPU cooler is probably the trickiest part of a custom computer build, and it's not made any easier by adding an oversized cooler like this one. Before attempting an installation, you need to be very familiar with your computer's hardware and PC upgrades in general; if you didn't build the computer you're working on, it's probably best to leave it to a technician. You will need to carefully position the computer case to get the best angle and leverage for each step.


1. Turn off your computer and remove all power and data cables. Place the computer on a clean and stable table. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws holding the left and right access panels in place. Remove both panels and set them aside.

2. Remove the stock CPU cooler screws from your Asus M2N-E SLI motherboard with your fingers or the Phillips screwdriver. Note the location of the mounting holes. Remove the cooler's power plug from the motherboard, pull the stock cooler out and set it aside.

3. Find the AM2 front and back support plates in the Silent Knight retail packaging. (There are six different sets of plates in total--MAKE SURE that you have the AMD AM2 socket plates. No other plates will work with your Asus M2N-E SLI motherboard.) Screw the back support plate into the support holes on the back of the motherboard, directly behind the CPU bay. Do not attempt to drill your own holes; only use the ones already set into the motherboard.

4. Screw the front mounting plate in place around the top of the CPU bay. If there are any internal power or data cables in the vicinity of the CPU bay, move them aside or unplug them. Make a note of their correct location for later reassembly.

5. Remove any dried thermal paste from the top of the CPU with a coin or razor blade. Place a pea-sized drop of fresh thermal paste on top of the CPU.

6. Set the Silent Knight cooler down onto the CPU, aligning the contact plate with the CPU itself and the mounting holes with their corresponding holes on the mounting plate. Screw the cooler onto the mounting plate. Attach the cooler power cord in place on the motherboard.

7. Replace any internal power or data cables removed during the installation. Place the right and left access panels back in place and replace their screws. Reattach all power and data cables to your computer and turn it on.

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