Friday, 6 November 2015

Replace The Lithium Coin Clock Battery On A Panasonic Cf45 Toughbook

Replace your ToughBook CF-45 laptop's CMOS battery.

Your laptop's complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) or real-time clock (RTC) battery powers the CMOS chip built into your motherboard. The CMOS contains your laptop's internal clock settings. If the CMOS battery dies, your laptop's date and time settings will reset each time your turn off your computer. Because a Panasonic ToughBook laptop's CMOS battery is connected directly to the motherboard, you must partially dismantle the laptop to access the battery.


1. Power down the laptop. Unplug the AC power adapter and all external devices. Close the LCD panel and place the laptop face down, with the front edge facing you.

2. Press down on the battery pack's cover, and remove the cover to reveal the battery. Pull the battery pack from its compartment in the bottom right corner of the laptop. Do the same to the hard drive in the opposite corner of the laptop's bottom casing. Remove all screws from the laptop's base enclosure, and flip the laptop over.

3. Open the display panel as far as you can. Remove the two Phillips-head screws fastening the laptop's handle to the front edge of the computer. Remove the handle from the laptop. Remove the four Phillips-head screws from the keyboard cover, which is the plastic piece above the keyboard assembly. Remove the cover from the laptop.

4. Flip the keyboard over so that it faces downward on the palm rest. Disconnect the keyboard's ribbon cable from the motherboard, and remove it from the laptop. Remove the single Phillips-head screw fastening the plastic covers to each display hinge. Remove the hinge covers from the laptop.

5. Find the metal sheet revealed by the keyboard that also conceals the top side of the motherboard. Remove the several Phillips-head screws securing the metal sheet to the laptop. Remove the metal sheet to expose the motherboard.

6. Find the small, watchlike battery attached to the motherboard. Use a small, flat-head screwdriver to pry the battery out of its socket. Disconnect the battery's grounding cable from the motherboard, and remove the battery from the laptop.

7. Place the new CMOS battery into the empty socket on the motherboard with the "+" symbol facing up. Connect the battery's grounding cable to the motherboard.

Repeat the disassembly procedure in reverse to put the laptop back together.

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