Monday, 16 November 2015

Install A Mother Board On A Computer

Case with the installed motherboard.

A motherboard is a central circuit board of a computer. All computer components such as CPU, system memory, video card, hard drives, keyboard and mouse are installed or connected to the motherboard. The majority of motherboards are made of two standard sizes: the full ATX (Advanced Technology Extended ) form factor with dimensions 12-by-9.6 inches and the microATX one that is shorter. Computer cases are manufactured observing the ATX form standards and can accommodate both types of motherboards.


1. Open the side panel of the computer case.

2. Insert the Input/Output (I/O) panel that comes with the motherboard into the rear slot of the case.

3. Lay down the case and screw standoffs in the holes on the case side.

4. Place the motherboard on the standoffs and align them with the mounting holes of the motherboard.

5. Screw the motherboard to the standoffs with the screws.

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