Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Find My Laptop Jumper Pins

Find My Laptop Jumper Pins

Jumper pins allow for the control of a piece of computer hardware directly, without the aid of software. Jumper pins are frequently used to allow for the clearing of BIOS passwords and other critical computer functions. While motherboards designed for desktop computers typically have jumper pins, some laptop motherboards are not, due to the limited amount of space in the laptop case.


1. Inspect the visible edges of the laptop's motherboard. Manufacturers frequently place the jumpers on the edges, so that they are easier to find. Examine the most accessible and visible areas of the motherboard.

2. Locate the CMOS battery and examine the area around it. Some manufacturers place the jumper pins in the area surround the CMOS battery, since they are used to clear the battery and reset the password.

3. Verify that the jumper pins are not located in the area around the processor or in the laptop's memory compartment. .

4. Check to see if there are any other user accessible compartments on the bottom of the laptop, as there is a chance that the jumper pins will be installed there

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