Thursday, 9 July 2015

Install Multimedia Sound Devices On Windows Xp

A multimedia sound device is a computer component that you use to play sounds from your PC. Most PCs and laptops have it built into the motherboard, however sometimes it is necessary to install an internal card to the motherboard. After the physical installation of the card, a device driver is a required so that Windows knows use it. Windows XP will need a specific driver for your sound device. Typically, the sound driver is on a disk with the card. If you do not have a disk, you can download it. Here are some helpful steps for installation.


Install from Disk

1. Place the disk into your CD or DVD ROM. This should auto-play. If not, click on "My Computer." Select your CD/DVD ROM and double-click it. Locate the setup file and double-click again.

2. Select the "Install" or "Install Drivers" tab. This depends on your specific driver's disk. Usually, the install tab is self-explanatory.

3. Wait for completion. You may need to answer questions, such as install folder or type of sound card. Check the sound card manual for specifics. Reboot the PC to save the changes.

Install from Download

4. Check the sound card manufacturer and model. You can use the manual or look directly on the sound device for this information.

5. Go to a Windows XP sound driver website. Drivers Guide and WinFiles have sound card drivers available. Click on the driver for your specific card. Download to an exclusive folder.

6. Double-click the sound driver. There may be a prompt to install in a certain folder. Use the folder from the downloading step. Go to the folder and run the "Setup" or "Install" file.

7. Wait for approximately two minutes while the driver installs. Restart the PC for changes to take effect.

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