Friday, 31 July 2015

Replace A Cpu Fan With A Case Fan

A replacement heatsink with a fan mounted on top.

The CPU fan sits on top of the heatsink to help dissipate heat from the CPU. On many CPUs the CPU fan and heatsink are combined into a single unit. In order to use a case fan in the place for a CPU fan, you need to install a replacement heatsink as well. Also, the replacement heatsink must be large enough to accommodate a case fan, which is often larger than a CPU fan.


1. Unplug the computer to reduce the risk of electric shock and remove the side panel to access the inside.

2. Disconnect the CPU fan from the motherboard. This is a small rectangular, white connector located near one of the corners of the CPU fan. Refer to the motherboard user manual for specific location.

3. Unclip or unscrew the CPU fan from the motherboard. The screws/clips are in the four corners of the CPU fan. Both the fan and heatsink will come off the motherboard together.

4. Screw or clip the new heatsink onto the motherboard. Some heatsinks require you to install retaining clips onto the motherboard first, which may require unscrewing the motherboard from the case. If this is the case, disconnect all the wires, then unscrew it from the case.

5. Place the case fan on top of the heatsink and clip it in. The heatsink will come with clips for the fan.

6. Connect the fan to the motherboard, then close the case.

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